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Determination, Resiliency and Grit




For as long as he can remember, Larry has enjoyed the outdoors and the solitude it provides. Growing up, Larry enjoyed hunting, fishing, backpacking and anything else that would allow him to spend time in the woods. After marrying his high school sweetheart at the age of 18, Larry soon switched his focus to starting a family and raising his two kids. Now that his son and daughter have left home, he has refocused his life to the outdoors with a new emphasis on survival and primitive skills.


Over the last two decades, Larry has taken and taught many survival classes, written articles for a self-reliance magazine, and has uploaded over two hundred YouTube videos. Larry’s videos showcase both primitive as well as modern fire, shelter, and water purification. Larry has tested his survival skills as a participant on History’s Alone show Season 2 and Season 5. On Vancouver Island and in Mongolia he put his skills to the test, self-documented his adventure, and combined has 105 days of self-documented solo survival experience.

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