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My name is Larry Roberts and I hate Rodents

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

I am Larry Roberts and I do not like Rodents

Mice are a plague, a scourge,

To me they have fallen, to purge,

I did not start the battle,

But their cage I shall rattle,

The journey is not complete,

Until then we must compete,

These creatures are resilient,

But to me they are belligerent,

I wish you no ill will my friend,

But acting like you are, I will get you in the end.

I have eaten your flesh, tasted your spine,

And to me, it all tasted fine,

I am not normally one to lament so,

But to me, you must all go,

You were the one who tried to eat my brain,

All the while I was stuck in my shelter due to the rain,

I did not even cook in my shelter,

And yet you ran helter skelter

I would offer peace, but I know it is of no use,

I say be off with you! Or you will see the noose.

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1 Comment

Dec 14, 2022

I’m dying right now! This is great Larry, keep it up!

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